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Export Opportunities from India Post COVID 19

While the world stands still, and so does all the International Businesses, Imports and Exports, International Trade, one thing is sure expected to change.
China will no longer be the ONLY option for the world to Import from.

With the fear & risk of Importing from China, countries all across the world will look for an Alternative.
Enter, INDIA.

The Closest in terms of lower labour costs, abundant workforce and resources, India is deemed to rise in the International Business Scenario as “The Number 1 Sourcing Destination” for a lot of products.

Top Product Categories, to gain the benefits after the COVID 19 pandemic is over :

  • Seafood, Meat Industry.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry- Chemicals & Equipment.
  • Textile Industry- Home Textiles, Clothing & Accessories.
  • Leather Industry.

These are just a few Industries that would see a rise in Exports from India.
Exports from China will see a long time Low, as the reliability, safety & quality issues will prolong.
Let’s Accept the fact that, A country which could not even provide Quality & Standard Testing Kits in this utmost urgent scenario, is already on its way to losing the trust of the people.

So, Exporters from India, be prepared.
As soon as the Global Economy rises from the Quarantine, you will be needed the most.

And the Export Opportunities from India Post COVID 19 are vast and immense.

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