Import And Export Documentation Services

Documentation is one of the most important parts of Imports & Exports.
Globalogists provide complete Import & Export Documentation Service.

Import & Export Service by our company includes both Pre Shipment Documentation & Post Shipment Documentation.

Firstly, Pre Shipment documentations like Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin etc require assistance before Import or Export.
Secondly, the Post Shipment Documents, like Bill of Lading, Shipping Bill involves the Customs Department.

Our Import & Export Documentation Service makes it easy for your Business to focus on the order, rather than the Documentation part.

Also, Import Documentation needs to be carefully filed because, On the basis of these, Import Clearance & Customs Duty is dependent.

Export Documents are important to claim any kind of Export Incentives and Benefits like MEIS, Duty Drawback, EPCG etc.
In conclusion, Smooth Import Export Business depends upon the correct Import & Export Documentation.